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vendredi 5 avril 2013

Insolite: un catamaran reste coincé sous le pont de Sandy Ground...

Hier jeudi, en fin de journée, un catamaran gêné par un autre voilier qui rentrait en contre-sens (malgré le feu rouge) a accroché le pont levant. Son mât est resté coincé et s'est cassé. Les gendarmes et les pompiers ont été obligés d'intervenir ainsi qu'une grue. La circulation maritime et surtout routière ont été perturbées pendant plusieurs heures. Photo: SXM Info

Yesterday (Thursday), in the evening, a catamaran disturbed by another sailboat which was entering (despite the red light) hited the Sandy Ground drawbridge. Its mast was stuck and broke. Gendarmes* and firefighters had to intervene with a crane. Maritime and road traffics were disrupted for several hours...

*The word gendarme comes from Old French "gens d'armes", 
meaning men-at-arms. Historically, during the Late Medieval to the Early Modern period, the term referred to a heavily armoured cavalryman of noble birth, primarily serving in the French army. The word gained policing connotations only after the French Revolution when the Maréchaussée of the Ancien Régime was renamed the Gendarmerie Nationale. In France, the National Gendarmerie (French: Gendarmerie nationale, French pronunciation: ​[ʒɑ̃daʁməʁi nasjɔnal]) is a branch of the French Armed Forces, in charge of public safety, with police duties among the civilian population. It also contains a military police force and a special forces component (GIGN). It has a strength of more than 105,975 persons (in 2007).The Gendarmerie works with the other national law enforcement agency, the Police Nationale, and from 2009, although it is a part of the armed forces establishment, it is now a part of the Ministry of the Interior as its military component and forms part of its operations and budget. It is mandated to fulfill national security duties and duties in support of its parent ministry.(Wikipedia)
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